Monday, March 16, 2020

Stir Crazy? How to get out of the house during Covid 19

Along with water filter questions during the Covid 19 situation, I've been getting a lot of questions about insect repellents. Why you might ask? Well it turns out that outdoor hiking is a great way to be out of the house while still being diligent with social distancing practices.

We live in a country with many beautiful places to discover. I live in San Diego which is loaded with great hiking options! Not only can you burn off some energy and get a great workout, but you can see some great wildlife like White Pelicans, Egrets, and other birds.

There is a common annoyance with Spring and Summer outdoor recreation activities...BUGS!... namely mosquitos, ticks, and other flying insects. The good news is, you can be outdoors with confidence if you'll protect yourself with the best repellents on the market.

If you ask a fisherman or backpacker, they all know about Sawyer Products. There is a reason why Sawyer has the biggest outdoor store on Amazon. At Sawyer...we keep you outdoors!

Let me tell you about 2 of the most popular Sawyer insect repellents, one you spray on your clothes, and the other you put on your skin.

First, many people are surprised when they learn about Sawyer Permethrin, an insect repellent you spray on your clothes for 6 weeks or 6 washes of protection. Permethrin works with molecules that adhere to the fabric of your clothes. It's safe for humans, but bugs hate it!

I travel to all kinds of tropical, mosquito impacted places around the world. Permethrin is the X Factor! I spray all my clothes (shirts, pants, socks) and gear for 42 days of protection! You can even spray your outdoor patio furniture to form an insect barrier. When you hear about mosquito nets being treated with insect a repellent, that is Permethrin! Mosquitos and flying insects do not like this at all!

One thing that is becoming more dangerous these days is Ticks! Ticks carry so many diseases and those diseases are a real bummer! They can cause all kinds of health issues. Two of my friends suffer from auto-immune diseases cause by Ticks.

The good news is, Sawyer Permethrin repels Ticks very well. Ticks hate Permethrin!

Keep yourself safe outdoors by treating your clothes and gear with Permethrin!

Now for your skin. Sawyer Picaridin is a non-DEET formula that is just as effective as DEET at repelling mosquitos, flies, and Ticks. It is gentle on your skin and safe for your kids. The lotion gives you up to 14 hours of protection on your skin, while the spray gives up to 12 hours of protection on your skin.

When I travel, I always spray my clothes with Permethrin, and use Picaridin on my skin. Sawyer sells many sizes of these repellents on Amazon. You can also buy these items at REI and other sporting goods stores, but with Covid 19, Amazon is your best source.

So don't go stir crazy, get the kids outdoors and on the hiking trail!

Here are links to Sawyer Permethrin and Picaridin on Amazon.

Sawyer Permethrin - treats 8 garments - 6 weeks or 6 washes of protection

Sawyer Picaridin Lotion - 14 hours of skin protection

Sawyer Picaridin Spray - 12 hours of skin protection

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