Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Disruption - Time To Choose

If there is one thing we are learning from daily disruption, it is this...every day brings new information, challenges, and the opportunity to choose how we will respond.

Long lines and bare shelves at the grocery store can test our patience, stoke fears of not having enough, and even create jealousy and resentment towards those who beat us to the toilet paper. They also have sparked playful, casual conversations in grocery lines that we might never have ever had before. Most people are talking and joking in line with complete strangers! That is actually a breath of fresh air for me.

Self quarantining and social distancing can create a serious social void for extroverts, while introverts may not notice much change and actually enjoy the excuse of being quiet without the fear of judgement. The rule followers like me can be filled with bitterness towards those who are not following the government guidelines of social distancing.
Those who lean towards the rule breaking side may feel like their freedom of choice is slipping away, and become resentful that the simple things of life...a pick up volleyball game or a spike ball game on the beach, might now lead to a misdemeanor or fine for breaking social distancing regulations. There is tension for sure, but we all still have choices to make.

Two of my favorite outdoor escapes have been trail hiking, and biking on the San Diego beach boardwalks. Yesterday, those pleasures were temporarily removed as options in San Diego. When I heard the news, I was bummed and had a whole new set of choices to make. Would I rebel and hike anyway, risking a misdemeanor citation and a possible $1000 fine, or would I let the disruption bring out the best in my creativity, let selflessness prevail for the greater good, appreciate those who are trying to make our communities safe, and come up with another way to exercise while adhering to the new social distancing regulations imposed by the city of San Diego? Another way to look at it is, will I choose the low road of rebellion, or take the high road towards thriving, even when the high road is many times, the road less traveled.

We all have choices to make when we are disrupted. What if we all used disruption as a catalyst to bring out the best in our creativity, selflessness, and love for each other? Give it a try today. Let’s purposely replace the dark clouds of fear and bitterness with the bright light of selfless love that unites us and brings hope to the world! Take the high road. The high road always pays off!

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