Thursday, November 23, 2017

Some of my Real Heroes of Clean Water Around the World - Thankful!

Today is Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for so many things in my life. I'd like to introduce you to some of my heroes of clean water around the world.

First up is my wife Sheri who has been with me all along the journey of life! We've been married 34 years and she is one of the kindest, Godly women you will ever meet! She is my best friend and has supported everything I do. I could not possibly succeed on this clean water journey without her! Thank you, Sheri!

Lee Larson...AKA Dad! My dad has been with me on several clean water trips to Fiji and is the best social media "sharer" I know! I'm thankful for his never-ending support of all I do in Life.

Alon Banks and I have worked together since1998 where we first met while working for Amor Ministries. He is the Executive Director of Give Clean Water and is one of the most genuine, kind, smart, and funny guys I know. I'm so grateful to be on the journey with him of giving clean water to the entire country of Fiji!

Steve Jolly (far right) is the Operations Director for Give Clean Water and is pictured with Avinesh Naiker and David Reddy who are part of the Give Clean Water staff in Fiji. These guys get it done! David Reddy has been with Give Clean Water since its beginning in 2008! He and his wife Illy are both on the GCW staff and have 3 beautiful children!

Todd Phillips is the Executive Director of The Last Well and is one of the most dynamic leaders I've ever met. He leads the charge in giving the entire country of Liberia clean water by December of 2020.

Randy LeTourneau is the VP of The Last Well and the person I hang out with the most on my Liberia trips. He is a logistical wizard!

Dennis Aggrey wins the "Best Smile in Africa" award. He's the Director of CRCA, an amazing organization in Liberia committed to using clean water as a tool to share the gospel, as well as plant and disciple churches.

Sam Tablo (pictured on the right) works for CRCA as their missions pastor and is one of the key trainers of the Sawyer Water filters in Liberia. He is a kind and compassionate leader who leads from the front lines.

Elijah Harley (left) leads the Assembly of God clean water team of 20 people in Liberia. They are all dear friends of mine! They use clean water as a tool to share the gospel and plant 650 new churches in Liberia by 2020. He is also a key Sawyer filter trainer in Liberia.

There are too many to mention individually, but there are over 125 trained filter installers in Liberia who are on the front lines every day changing people's lives!

Sister Larraine Lauter leads Water With Blessings in Honduras, Haiti, and in over 40 other countries around the world! She has an amazing program called Water Women and is currently working to eliminate Cholera in Haiti. She is a clean water rock star!

Simon Gounder is my good buddy who got me started in Fiji and currently serves on the Give Clean Water board. He also leads an amazing ministry called Global Aim and has helped launch a clean water initiative in India. I was with Simon the first time I ever went to Fiji and it was like walking around with Elvis! Everybody knows this guy!

Mark Tyler works for Global Aim and is training teams in India on water filter installations and data collection. He is a retired Marine and knows how to get it done while maintaining a gentle, compassionate heart.

Jordan and April Congdon lead the Amor Ministries team in the Yucatan Peninsula and have begun installing clean water systems in that part of Mexico. I've known Jordan since he was a little kid and he has grown up to become quite a leader! He was an elite football (Nebraska and USC kicker) and soccer athlete and continues to use those skills to reach out to children in Mexico.

These are just a few of the amazing people I get to work with around the world! They have all committed their lives to serve the poor and I'm thankful and grateful to serve with them on the clean water journey!

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