Sunday, September 15, 2013

Give Clean Water & Fiji Ministry of Health MOU

I'm sitting at my gate at LAX, waiting to board my flight to Fiji. This Tuesday, I'll travel to the capital of Fiji to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between Give Clean Water and the Fiji Ministry of Health. This is a very historic moment for Give Clean Water.

Give Clean Water has become Fiji's "Best Practice" for treating Fiji's rural water problems according to Madam Deputy Secretary of Public Health, Una Bera. The MOU gives the full backing of the Ministry of Health for the installation, data collection, and monthly follow ups for each family who receives a Give Clean Water filter. This is an amazing development in the sustainability of Give Clean Water's work in Fiji.

Each village in Fiji has a local health worker living in it who does a monthly report on the health of each village family. With the Give Clean Water MOU, the health workers will now incorporate water filter follow ups with each family as part of their monthly reporting. They will document changes in health, while providing continuing education of the operation of the water filter, making sure the families are using and cleaning their filters every day.

For the past 2 years, Give Clean Water has piloted this program in the Western Division of Fiji where there were many Typhoid outbreaks. Filter usage dramatically increased when the local health workers were involved in the follow up process. So much so, that the Fiji Ministry of health wanted to formalize our partnership with a MOU! To date, there have been NO reoccurrences of water borne sickness in any of the villages that received a Give Clean Water filter system!

There are 1200 rural villages in Fiji who drink contaminated water every day. Together, this partnership will change the country of Fiji forever!

You might wonder how you can get in on all the awesomeness? If you've been following the Give Clean Water story over the years, you've seen first hand the thousands of lives that are changed each year. We are raising up an army of people who want to change a country with us! Become a monthly donor and let's do this! 

$25 per month for 1 year provides a family with a sustainable clean drinking water solution for the next 10+ years! It's easy to do...just click here to visit the Give Clean Water website. In a couple of minutes, you'll be a part of changing a family's life forever with the gift of clean drinking water! When you become a donor, you will receive a photo and brief bio of your family, along with the GPS coordinate of their house so you can view it in Google Earth! Pretty cool!

So what are you waiting for? Let's change the world together starting with the country of Fiji!

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