Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day One in Fiji - The Road to the MOU Signing

Today I arrived in Nadi, Fiji and headed over to my home away from home, the Raffles Gateway Hotel, right across from the airport. The staff is always so friendly there. I had a continental breakfast and waited for our Give Clean Water staff person to come pick me up so we could travel to the Capital city of Suva. 

The drive to Suva is beautiful as you pass through the Coral Coast, but poverty is also everywhere I look. Wages are low and costs are high in Fiji. I know everyone probably pictures Fiji as beautiful sandy beaches with palm trees everywhere. Well...there are a few resorts that look like that, but overall, Fiji looks kind of tired and run down. I like to describe it as Tijuana with palm trees. That said, Fiji has some of the friendliest people in all the world! I love it!

After a 3 hour drive, we arrived in Suva, the rainy side of the island. It’s green for a reason as it rains almost every day. Imagine Florida heat, with Seattle rain. Because of the constant rains, the roads are pretty bad.

We decided to go by the Ministry of Health office, just to make sure we’d be in the right place tomorrow for the MOU signing. After a brief stop, we met up with a local pastor who works as an accountant for many Fijian businesses and government offices. We asked him if he could help us with our registration to become a Fiji non-profit. Right now, Give Clean Water is a US based non-profit only. He said he’d introduce us to the right people tomorrow. I’m saying a prayer for that meeting tomorrow!

Now it is 7pm here in Fiji on Tuesday evening. It’s Midnight back home, just cracking into Tuesday. I’m feeling like it’s midnight too! It will be an early bedtime tonight!

Tomorrow morning is the big day! I can’t believe that the Fiji Ministry of Health is adopting Give Clean Water as their “Best Practice” for treating their rural water problems! I’m humbled by the opportunity, and “on a mission” to raise up an army of donors who will help us solve Fiji’s water crisis with a sustainable clean drinking water solution!

If you are reading this and haven't become a donor, I'm after you! $25 per month for 1 year gives a family a sustainable clean drinking water solution for the next 10+ years. Click on this link to become a monthly donor! 

Change the world with us!

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