Sunday, June 2, 2013

Transformation At The Rescue Mission

Today was a great day! We had some awesome services at Newbreak Scripps Mesa...Went to lunch with my daughter, grandkids, and some great friends. One of them puts a smile on my face every time.

My good buddy Michael Henry Medlock is a walking miracle. A little over 5 years ago, he was invited to our church by a young marine. Michael would tell you that "he was tore up, from the floor up!" Most days were like that for him. But that invitation was the beginning of a great transformation for Michael.

Over the years, Michael has gone from a life where just about every day was terrible, to a life where nearly every day is a GREAT day! Michael is getting the great support he needs at the San Diego Rescue Mission. Today, he spoke about how much he loves being there...about how much his life has changed...about how much he loves Jesus who is giving him real LIFE!

Once a man living on the streets of San Diego, panhandling to just get by, trapped by an addiction to alcohol, Michael is being set free by the power of God in his life! And now he's beginning to use his story to strengthen and give courage to others. It's really quite an amazing transformation!

I'm so glad God never gives up on us, that He is always pursuing us, no matter what we are going through! I love my buddy Michael Henry!

Here's to the life transformation possibilities that surround us every day!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Give Clean Water Team In The Air!

After a bunch of flight re-arranging, the Give Clean Water team is officially in the air (minus me) on their way to Fiji for a week of water filter installs. What started out as a direct flight from LAX to Fiji, moved to a re-route to Honolulu, only to find out they'd been re-routed again to New Zealand. Good news is, they will get into Fiji 2 hours earlier than the Honolulu flight.

I'm on the delayed itinerary, departing Monday night. I'm really looking forward to being back in the place I love! It's officially a vacation week for me, and it will be filled with water filter installs in 2 villages and schools, catching part of the Volcom Fiji Pro surf contest, and meeting with the Fiji Ministry of Health in the capital.

One of the highlights for sure will be joining the top 34 surfers and the contest sponsors in Cuvu village with Chief Druku! We're expecting a big crowd this year as we'll participate in a traditional Fijian welcome ceremony, lunch, then the water filter installs. Last year, Kelly Slater, CJ Hobgood, and Alex Grey were among the surfing greats who joined us for the day of service.

A big thank you goes out to Volcom, Tavarua Island, and Islands Restaurants for providing the water filters this year for the villages and schools! Thanks also to Surf Credits for designating Give Clean Water as a recipients of their fundraising efforts during the contest. Together, we're forging a great partnership of sustainability in Fiji!

You can catch all the action of the surf contest on the Volcom Fiji Pro website. You can also download the Volcom Fiji Pro app for your smart phone or tablet and catch all the action there! I'll wave to you! :)