Sunday, May 19, 2013

What if this came out of your tap?

We take for granted that we can walk into our kitchen, turn on the tap, and drink the water. I remember some warm summer days as a kid when we drank from the garden hose. It's always been like that if you live where we do.

Now imagine going to your tap and turning it on and this is what came out. There is no way we'd drink that! If you are honest, most of us are so spoiled we would not even drink the treated water that comes from our tap.

The fact is, most of the world drinks water like this, but they don't have the luxury of having a tap. They get it right from a river or dirty catchment device. That is the reason water-borne diseases are the number one killer in the world. It's not cancer. It's not heart disease. It's dirty, bacteria filled water.

Does that bother you? It bothers me!

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Dana Michelle said...

Awesome post, really makes you think about how fortunate we are & how we can better serve those who don't have this luxury. Thanks for this Darrel :)