Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Make Your Words Count

Yesterday I was at the Starbucks in Mira Mesa (my second office) meeting with a couple of leaders from the Newbreak Scripps Mesa campus. We were discussing leadership ideas from the Ken Blanchard's book, Lead Like Jesus. Ken is a business leadership guru who is from the San Diego area, and brings a Christian perspective to leadership, one that is working for many fortune 500 companies.

At the end of my second meeting, We got up from our table and headed for the car. I noticed that as I got up, another guy sitting next to us got up, and followed us to the parking lot. I stopped at the entry of the parking lot and turned around, and noticed the guy following us stopped. Then he just stared at me. It was a little weird, so I asked if I could help the mid-twenties looking guy.

He said that he just wanted to meet me...weirder. Then he asked if I was some sort of Life Coach or something? I said "Sort of...I'm a pastor...why do you ask?" He said he was kind of eaves dropping on my meetings and was really getting into the concepts we were talking about in Ken's book. I thought that was cool since the whole discussion really was about how Jesus lead his disciples.

We talked for a minute, then I invited him to church this weekend. I told him if he came, we could set up a time to talk about leadership concepts and share some book ideas for him to read. He seemed like he was all-over-it. We'll see on Sunday.

Then he asked my name. I said "Darrel". Then he pointed to me and said "Darrel", then pointed to himself and said "Larson". That was weird as I thought he just used his super powers on me and somehow knew my last name. Turns out...Larson was his first name. What the heck?! I've never met someone with a first name of Larson!

Interesting encounter. Life Coach or Pastor...I guess you could say they are kind of the same thing. The take away for never know who is listening, so make your words count. I hope to see Larson this Sunday! Definitely looking forward to more meetings in the courtyard at Starbucks. Can't wait to sit in the middle and make my words count. God moment!


Mommy and Me Fitness team said...

Awesome story!

Jonathan Whitman said...

Sweet! Awesome story - you're totally right you never know who's watching/listening. We are going through this book too and I found it amazing how it parallels much of the management training I've been in recently. The corporate community is on to this same model but for different reasons - it's a great way to incorporate the REAL model of leadership into the workplace... WTG Pastor D.!