Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clean Water For The Children

On a recent trip to Fiji, I was stunned as I spoke with one of the local Doctors. While our Give Clean Water team was driving to Belabelo Village, she told us that she had just had 2 moms come to her clinic, bringing their babies who were dead on arrival. Both babies died from severe dehydration that was caused from diarrhea, which was caused by a water borne bacteria.

Stories like these are so tragic, but they are all too common around the world. Something as simple as a clean drink of water seems so distant for some.

Give Clean Water is on a mission to eradicate water borne sickness in Fiji. Focusing on the 1200 rural villages who do not drink clean water, we want to make sure no more children die unnecessary deaths.

It's a true joy when we visit a village, and in a matter of hours, change their lives forever. The kindergarten kids of Nabila village (on your left) now know what it's like to grow up and never have to worry about water borne sickness again. Every family in that village has their own clean drinking water filter in their home!

The thought of changing the world can seem like a daunting task sometimes, but there are simple ways to make an impact. Giving the gift of clean drinking water is one of them.

Here's to changing a country!

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