Monday, May 20, 2013

Building 2 Houses in One Weekend!

One of my favorite things to do is building houses for the poor in Mexico with Amor Ministries! I had the privilege of working there for 8 years, my wife worked there for 12 years, and they are simply the best at what they do!

This weekend, a group from Newbreak Church will BE the church and head down to the Tijuana/Tecate area of Baja and change two family's lives forever. They will go from a make-shift, inadequate shelter, to a brand new house!

Besides giving the gift of clean drinking water to people around the world, building houses for the poor is right up at the top of my list!

One of the families we are building for is the Herrera family. They live in a community called "Canon de la Raza" on the East side of Tijuana, at the base of a mountain called Cerro Colorado. When traveling in Tijuana you can't miss this great mountain, as it has giant lettering written on it, "Jesus es el SeƱor", which means...Jesus is Lord.

The Herrera family is still paying for their land and have a stable source of income, although it is only about a $2 per hour job. Maria works at home and Eddi makes furniture. They currently live in one room with a poor roof, floor and walls. They do not have electricity, drinkable water, a telephone, or a car.

They already sent Newbreak a little note..."God bless you for this house and the help. Thank you!"

Way to go Newbreak! Way to build hope for these two families!

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