Monday, May 13, 2013

Anyone for an Extreme Fiji Trip?

I just spoke with my friend Naidu in Fiji. He did some work for Give Clean Water when we first got started in 2008 and 2009. He has worked his way up in the educational system of Fiji and has been a high school principal in several schools. His latest assignment...bringing top notch education to the 5th largest Fijian island, Gau (pronounced...Now).

There are 22 traditional Fijian villages on this island with one boarding high school. The amenities on the island are still very primitive. All of the villages drink water from catchment when they can, but mostly from a river source.

Naidu is the only person on this island with a Give Clean Water  filter. He still has his after almost 5 years and it is working great. He has a dream to bring clean drinking water to his island. Just the thought of it gives me chills. This would be a really amazing opportunity to supply an entire island with clean drinking water!

Anyone up for an extreme trip to Fiji in 2014? There is one flight a week to the island of Gau, on Tuesdays. I'd love to put at least 10 clean water filters in each one of these villages. That would be plenty to supply everyone with clean drinking water.

Who thinks this would be epic?

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