Monday, May 21, 2012

Be a part of the awesomeness!

I'm super excited about our Give Clean Water "Change the World Event" in July. We'll be holding our first golf tournament/walking event to raise funds for the great work we're doing in Fiji. To date, Give Clean Water has given clean drinking water to over 38,000 people. We'll surpass the 40,000 mark in two weeks!

If you've kept up with my blog, or gone on a trip to Fiji with Give Clean Water, you know first hand what an awesome impact we're having on the poorest of the poor in Fiji! With every filter we install, a family's life is changed forever. No longer do they have to worry about getting sick from their poor water supply. Bacterial diseases like typhoid fever and dysentery are eliminated with our state of the art water filter from Sawyer.

What really sets Give Clean Water apart is our follow up process. Using our GCW staff, community leaders, village head men, and Ministry of Health workers, our follow up process leads us to our goal of a lifetime of clean drinking water for every family who receives a filter. We document all our install and follow ups!

I'm trying to raise $2,500 for our "Change the World Event". I'd love it if you would consider making a donation in my name for this great cause! Our goal is to give everyone in Fiji clean drinking water in the next 10 years. With your help, we can reach that goal together!

Here is a link to my fundraising page. Come change the world with me!

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