Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Tom Petty said it best..."The waiting is the hardest part."

It's the Passion week leading up to Easter. What were the disciples thinking that week after Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday? I can just imagine their anticipation that Jesus would become a great king like David. He would, but not in the way they thought. They had to wait and trust.

I can imagine when Jesus told his disciples that he must die and be raised from the dead on the third day, they were a little confused. When Friday came and he died, the wait till he rose on Sunday must have been full of all kinds of thoughts...some faith filled ones...some not so faith filled ones...but they waited and trusted.

It was on Sunday that their faith became sight. They SAW Jesus raised from the dead! Three days that seemed like forever became worth the wait when Jesus rose from the dead and PROVED he was the Son of God!

Our lives are similar to Jesus' disciples. Sometimes we have to wait and trust. We wait as we pray for family members to find a relationship with Jesus. We wait for that new job that takes forever to get. We wait for that new house that gets tied up in mortgage red tape. It seems like we're always waiting for something or someone!

But just because others are slow, it doesn't mean God is! He's always right on time! While the waiting IS the hardest part for us, God already has it all figured out. So pray, wait, and trust in Him.

What are you waiting for the Easter season?

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