Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sold...but here's the deal...

Today was a day of closure for Sheri and I. We both like closure! But getting closure on something doesn't always mean you get what you were praying for.

A few weeks ago, we got the wild idea to sell our condo. Our HOA fees were going up dramatically and we didn't really like it. So...we called up our good friend Danny Davis, our Realtor over the past 12 years. Danny had sold both our previous houses in 1 day for full value. He also got us into new houses for the best value. We thought...let's try this.

Well, sure to his epic form, Danny listed our house on a Tuesday, and we sold it the next day! Three for three!... Plus he totally got top dollar again! We thought we were on our way. We had decided to rent a place for a while until we could settle on a new one. We have always felt we'd eventually end up more North, closer to our Mira Mesa Newbreak campus.

So we found a rental, close to where my office is located. It was perfect! The landlord was awesome! The only thing left to do was to have our appraisal done. We did that and continued to pray...and wait...and pray more...and wait more. The deal made sense, but "short sales" in our condo complex were pulling the comps down. So we prayed with great faith for the deal to go through, then waited some more.

Today, we got the news that the appraisal came in too low to make a deal. There was a brief sadness, but that was quickly replaced by great peace. Sheri and I figured that if we had so many Godly people praying for this deal to happen and it still didn't, God must have something amazing for us in our future. We have no idea what it is, but we are confident He does!

When God gives His final answer, it may not be what we like, but ultimately this is about HIS plans and purposes, not ours! His plans are perfect, and though we don't understand them, they will all make sense some day. goes on...but not in a mediocre kind of way. It's a thrilling way in which we will anticipate the great things God has in store for us in our future!

Tonight, we will rest well. Tomorrow we'll wake up the same way we did today...looking forward to an amazing Easter weekend!

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