Friday, March 16, 2012

Prepping For The Experience

I was in college when I was challenged with a new thought. Would I continue to just show up to church on the weekend, most of the time straggling in late, visiting with a few friends, and slowly focusing in on the message? You see, this is what I had done since I was a little kid. least I was there, I thought.

I remember when the idea was passed on to me that I was about to have an experience with Almighty God on the weekend. I was about to spend time with the One who created the heavens and the earth, who forgave me, and saved me from my brokenness. Would that be something I would ever take lightly again?

What if I spent time preparing for my weekend worship encounter (church service) in advance... one hour, or even a few dedicated minutes? What if I would dare to get there early, eagerly anticipating my experience with God? I guess the thought never really occurred to me until then. But that challenge was a life changer for me. From then on, I vowed I would prep myself for the worship experience on the weekend. 

I realized that I had really been treating what we commonly call, "worship time" (music), kind of like the "warm up act" for the message (sermon). For much of my life, I had not prioritized meeting with and experiencing God during the entire church service. I must have thought that it was really "only about the message."

Boy, was I missing out! From that day on, I began putting a high priority on the whole worship experience. The time I spent before a church service took on a whole new look. I was very aware that I was about to encounter Almighty God with a community of people who were there to do the same thing. Prepping for the worship experience took it from an event, to an encounter. It was much more fulfilling. 

So my challenge to you is the same one that was given to me...will your church service this weekend be an event, or an encounter? Prep for the experience and be amazed!

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