Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The pieces of the puzzle

I've been with our pastors and directors for a couple of days of planning for our church. We have such an awesome staff at Newbreak! This is going to be an great rest of the year!

I want to share a idea from our lead pastor. He was speaking of our faith journey being like a big puzzle box. If you've ever put a puzzle together you know that it's way easier to put it together if you have the box cover. That's where you'll find the picture of what the puzzle should look like. 

Here is the idea: Jesus has the box cover, we have the puzzle pieces. Most of the time we can't see the box cover, but by faith we still have to put the pieces of the puzzle of life together. Sometimes it takes a quite a while to figure out how all the pieces fit together. It can even be very frustrating!

As we walk in faith and continue to put the pieces together, we start to get an idea of what the finalized puzzle will look like. We begin to see clarity take shape.

The great news is that Jesus totally knows what the puzzle will look like. Not only is He holding the box cover, but He created the picture on the box cover! We can take great comfort in that, especially when we experience times in our lives when the puzzle pieces just don't seem to be going together well. 

In those times, remember this is only a puzzle to us! God holds the box cover!


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