Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Promise

31 years ago today, I was a freshman at a Jr. College in my hometown of Oceanside, California. I had met a girl that swept me off my feet. Even though we were young, I knew this girl was worth waiting for. So, on March 7th, 1980, I gave a girl named Sheri, a promise ring. What I wanted her to know was that I was committing my life towards the journey of falling more in love with her every day. I knew that some day she'd be my wife.

That year, I went away to Texas to college and we continued to dedicate ourselves to each other. College presented many opportunities to date other girls, but I didn't. I knew I had the right one and I didn't want to do anything to mess that up. During the times we apart for 3 1/2 years, we literally wrote each other letters every single day. We never missed! Here is just one box of the letters I wrote to her.

I have to say, after all these years of being with her, my love for her just keeps getting stronger. She is absolutely my best friend and I love spending every moment I can with her. She is the most amazing, loving, thoughtful, selfless, caring, devoted person I've ever met. Every day I thank God for her!

I may not get everything right in my life, but 31 years ago when I said "I Promise"...I totally got that right! I love you Sheri!

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Danielle Perkio said...

Seriuosly Dad! Your marriage is an inspiration to the rest of us. I love that you're not board of each other, that you still find ways to enjoy each other's company and that no matter how busy life gets, you still put the other first - after God of course. Thank you for loving my MOM! and Thank you for being brave enough to share it.