Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here's My Sign

In the life of a homeless person, their sign is their job. "I'm going to work" means I'm going to run my sign. And let's just say, if they can stay on a corner for a couple of hours without being run off, they can rake in some great money.
But when life transformation starts to knock at their door, their sign can become their crutch. Guys I know who have been in the San Diego Rescue Mission had a hard time with the idea of getting rid of their sign. It was always something to fall back on.
Today, I received a call from my buddy who recently got a new job, and a new place to live. When he told me he threw his sign away, my jaw hit the floor! I couldn't believe it! Even though a new sign is just a piece of cardboard and a Sharpie away, this was a big moment in his life. The new life that God has given him just keeps getting better. Getting rid of his sign was his way of embracing God's blessing of forgiveness and life transformation.
For many of us, we may not have a cardboard sign, but we have our own crutches. They are the things that keep us trapped in our past or present, and keep us from the kind of life transformation God has for us right now. The truth is, God has taken care of our past, wants to meet us in our present, and transform our future. This truth takes on radical new meaning when we come before Him and say, "Here's my sign."
What sign are you still holding on to? Don't let it define you any longer. Let God define you! His sign says, "You are amazing because I made you amazing!"

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Melda said...

WOW...lots of power in those few paragraphs!
Thanks for the reminder!

Blessings from Guam to all of our Newbreak peeps!