Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heart first...Head second

I was with our worship pastor and some of our church staff today and we were talking about worship. He spoke of a worship concept that really made me think, and I totally agreed with it.


I tend to be a very calculated person. It's a part of my wiring to care about details, sometimes to a fault. One of my biggest challenges toward being more versatile is learning to be more spontaneous. So what our worship pastor shared was definitely something I'd like to grow into and champion.


Here's what he challenged us with..."in worship, let the first draft come from the heart and let the second draft come from the head." What he meant was that we tend to get this the other way around. We tend to think about worship in a calculated way first, then try to get our heart into it. Today's worship experience with our staff was a challenge to let the first draft come from our hearts, from a spontaneous place where we could simply meet God where we were at. 


I have to tell you...for a calculated person like me, this was a challenge, but it was very liberating! A core value of mine is to strive to live a life of balance, not letting the pendulum swing to far in either direction. I know my heart still has room to move toward more spontaneity and I will look forward to the journey of meeting God in that place.


Heart first...head second.

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