Thursday, March 8, 2012

Epic Day... Guess and Win

My wife and I are getting a jump on our day off tomorrow. I love it when our days off line up together. I LOVE living in San Diego. 

First person to guess what beach we're at wins a print of your choice (up to 12X18) from my website

One guess per person. You must guess in the comments section of my blog. I'll announce the winner in my next blog.

Good luck. Have an Epic San Diego day tomorrow!



Maryjo said...

I'm going to guess Solano Beach. Have a great day off together!! Blessings.

Point Of View Images said...

Carlsbad State Beach

Special Ed said...

Blacks Beach!

Just kidding... how about ... La Jolla :)

Special Ed said...

Blacks Beach?

Hehe... just kidding... how about La Jolla?

Greg Geldmacher said...

Congratulations for 31 years. You guys are a great example to all.
I am guessing a beach in Oceanside maybe near the pier.
Hope you have a great day.
Greg G.

Ryan Perkio!!!!!! said...

That would be San Elijo in Cardiff!

Darrel Larson said...

And the winner is...Ryan Perkio! We were at San Elijo beach in Cardiff. If you saw my "check in" status last night, we ate dinner at Besta-wan pizza in Cardiff. That is one block from San Elijo beach. Good job Ryan, and thanks to the rest of you for your guesses and kind words!