Saturday, March 24, 2012

Development at the Mission

Last night was a great night at the San Diego Rescue Mission... 150 guys worshiping God with all their hearts! It was awesome! I got to speak after worship and it was just one of those nights where I really felt the guys were connecting with God and His word.

It's great seeing familiar faces each month as our team serves the 4th Friday. There is a whole bunch of them ready to graduate from their one year program... more success stories of how God is transforming their lives! It just doesn't get any better than seeing a bunch of guys who used to be strung out and homeless who are now sober, and with purpose in their lives!

If you live in San Diego, you'll have to come with us some time. If you live outside San Diego, you should check out a Rescue Mission in your area and get involved some how. It's totally worth it!

I wanted to let you guys know that I won't be blogging from Sunday night to Thursday of this coming week. I'll be taking a few days of vacation time. I'll be back Friday ready to share again!

Thanks for all the kind words from those of you who are following my blog!

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See you Friday!

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