Monday, February 27, 2012

Relax and charge your batteries...

Today was going to be a day of relaxing...quiet time with God early this morning, an allergy doctor appointment at 9am, then off for a day of visiting with my dad, and my wife's mom in Oceanside. I decided to grab my camera before I left. I new it was supposed to rain, but sometimes storms can produce some great photo opps.

One of the things I always do before I take my camera is check my batteries to make sure they are charged. Not today however, and when I got to my dad's house, my camera batteries were completely dead. You know it's impossible to take a photo without your batteries charged.

The good news was, I actually did have a good relaxing day off. The bad news was, it would have been more fun if I had paid attention and charged my batteries before I went out.

Life and my camera have a lot in common. Relax and re-charge your batteries, then go out and create and capture an awesome memory. It doesn't work the other way around!

A word of advice...Don't leave your batteries sitting in the charger too long after they are charged. They won't do you any good in there. They were meant for action and purpose...just like us!

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