Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Portrait Photography Secrets...Nobody is that perfect

Did you ever find yourself in the check out line of the grocery store staring at the magazines? Most of the time the covers are filled with perfect looking people. Well...just like in real life, there is no such thing! I want to let you in on a little secret. If you are a portrait photographer and want to get that perfect, airbrushed look from everyone you photograph, you'll need a piece of software. It's called Portrait Professional and it is a miracle worker.

Go ahead and click on the link and that will take you to their home page. Run your cursor over the photo and watch the dramatic results! And yes...these are real results. This software is amazing and very easy to use. You have complete control over every part of a person's face. You can whiten eyes and teeth, take out wrinkles, take off shine, pucker the lips...I mean you can do everything!

So the next time you see that perfect person on the cover of a magazine, be assured they don't look that way in real life. Now that said, most everyone who gets the VIP treatment with Portrait Professional loves the results! I've never had anyone say, "Oh...I look too good in that shot!" LOL!

I don't mean to cost you money when you read my blogs. I'm just trying to keep it real! Real is where it's at! But if you need to dress up for the party and you can't afford your own makeup artist, don't worry...there's always Portrait Professional.

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Patty@Heaven said...

lol, I will never do anything like that to my portrait. I'll be fulling my self :)