Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lessons from the homeless - Part 3

A couple of days ago I wrote about different things we can do to help the homeless. In one section, I shared about not giving the homeless "Crunchy Bars" because most of them don't have any teeth. I got so much great feedback from that post.

I totally forgot to tell you one more piece of important information about those kinds of bars. Although crunchiness is one problem, "fiber" is a whole other issue. Even as I write this, I'm cracking up! One of my homeless buddies (he's spending the night in my house tonight) told me "please, no fiber one bars!" He followed that up with, "if you're going to give me a fiber one bar, you'd better give me a roll of toilet paper to go along with it." I about fell out of my chair laughing!

It's true! Can you imagine living in a tent in the middle of nowhere, a mile away from the nearest restroom, and you ate something with hi-fiber content. Oh boy! You might as well give them some ex-lax and tell them it's chocolate.

Now you have a little more info on how to help the homeless. Have fun loving them with God's love!

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