Friday, February 10, 2012

How we hit the finish line...

Today I had a day off and went to the Pomona drag races. I love NHRA drag races! You can't believe the energy of 8500 horse power!

We decided we'd watch the fastest cars from closest side of the track. I mean...we were right up on top of these monsters. The mechanics had worked all day for this moment, when these cars (rockets with wheels) would travel down a 1000 foot track at speeds of 310 mile per hour in less than 4 seconds. It takes your breath away!


This particular race looked like it would be awesome. Both drivers were ready to go. The countdown began and both cars took off like rocket ships. At about 800 feet, both of them blew their engines. All that work...all that hype...and they could barely limp to the finish line in a cloud of smoke...Fail!

There were other races where cars zipped pass the finish line at full speed and needed to be slowed down by 2 parachutes. The blown engine race lacked something the winners had...a great finish!

Life can be like that sometimes, especially our relationship with God. We may start out well and have the promise of a champion, but somewhere along the way, we have a blow out and find ourselves barely limping to the finish line.

God never meant for any of us to limp through life to the finish line! He wants us to use all our time, talents, and treasures for His purposes. He wants us to hit the finish line of life at full speed, having lived a life of planet shaking faith that changed the world by connecting it to God's love!

The question is, will you be a good finisher? Will you live a life of planet shaking faith?

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