Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did you earn the right...?

This past weekend as we drove up to the work site where we would build a new house for an impoverished Mexican family, we were greeted by one of the local Mexican Pastors who works with Amor Ministries. Pastor Haros was pulling off the concrete forms from the slab that he and a few others had poured the day before. Martha, the single mom who owned the property, and her two little girls looked on in eager anticipation for the rest of the house to be built.

Martha, Alexa, & Daniela
The house we were building for Martha was a gift from the local church in Mexico. Pastor Haros had recently visited the community to identify families who were in the most need of a house. Martha's family met the criteria. Now...she would be the recipient of a new house...free of charge...from the church in her neighborhood. Pastor Haros told her about a group from the US who would build her house. What Martha didn't realize, was that Pastor Haros would come back and pour the foundation for her new house.

It was quite amazing to me that Pastor Haros was not only laying a spiritual foundation for Martha's family, but also laying a physical foundation for her family's house. Martha's first memory of her neighborhood church was of a man of God who didn't just talk about God's love, but he first demonstrated it. Pastor Haros was "earning the right to be heard." That was inspiring to me!

Each of us would do well to follow in the steps of Pastor Haros. Will we be the ones who will not only speak of God's love to someone this week, but we'll model it as well? What foundation will you lay in someone's life?

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