Monday, February 6, 2012

Cost-Effective Compassion

My wife brought home a copy of this month's Christianity Today magazine. The cover story is, The Best Ways to Fight Poverty - Really. In the article, economists rate the impact of 10 popular strategies of helping the poor. Number one on the list of cost-effective compassion...Give Clean Water to rural villages.

There are lots of awesome ways of helping the poor in the world. With water borne diseases being the number on killer in the world, I'm super stoked of what we're doing in Fiji through Give Clean Water! It's such a simple, cost effective, and highly effective way of solving the biggest health problem in the world!

Today I spoke with our team in Fiji, and three guys who will soon be joining the Give Clean Water team in Fiji for 8 weeks. We're planning out our next visit to Nanoko village. This village is the one recently on quarantine due to a typhoid outbreak. We'll soon give clean water to all 107 houses in that village. We're also planning on installing filters in 2 schools that have been shut down due to poor water quality. These schools are located on Fiji's second largest island.

With GCW teams scheduled for March, June, August, and October, we'll make a big dent in Fiji's rural water problem this year! If you'd like to go on one of these amazing trips, visit the Give Clean Water trips part of the  website for all the details. It will be a week you'll never forget!

What if you could change the world?

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