Friday, January 20, 2012

Victory at the Rescue Mission

Tonight was one of my favorite events...graduation ceremonies at the San Diego Rescue Mission. One of my buddies, Mike McNeil...Big Mike, graduated from the one year program. I love seeing the change in people from the time they enter the Rescue Mission, to the time they graduate. From homeless and addicted, to clean, sober, a new job, and a new place to live!

Mike is the second graduate in the past 3 months who was part of my life group at Newbreak Church Scripps Mesa. Mike started attending Newbreak and was in my 101 group last quarter. He just moved out of the mission last week and has a new place to live! What a success story!

Kids of the graduates sing for the crowd.
When graduation started tonight, several kids got up to sing a song. They were children of the graduates! They were so cute, but the even greater thing is...they are going to have their parents back...clean and sober, with a fresh start to life! The kids were so proud of their parents!

Two of the graduates gave their testimonies. One guy had his master's degree, but got caught up in alcohol and cocaine. Life spiraled out of control. One year ago, he began his new start at the Rescue Mission, and tonight...he is a graduate!

It just doesn't get any better than this! Next Friday night is my night to visit the Rescue Mission and speak to the guys. We'll bring a worship team, then teach a life application lesson from God's word. The forth Friday of the month is a big highlight for me!

I'm blessed to watch God change lives!

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krissy jane said...

Amen! <3 to hear about these sweet blessings! God is soooo good!