Thursday, January 19, 2012

Planet Shakers, Dentist, Tech Support, Blessed!

Today our Newbreak teaching team did our critical run through of our new series...Planet Shakers! This is where we do the message out loud, in front of our teaching team to get critiqued and get better. We do this every week. I can't wait for this weekend and this series as we talk about the blessings of God!

I was reminded of my blessings all day in some strange ways. This afternoon, I had to go to the dentist. I hate the dentist, but found out my teeth were in better shape than I thought...blessing!...and the x-rays and cleaning were FREE!...another huge blessing!

Tonight, I switched over our internet service to ATT DSL. We've been long time Time Warner subscribers, but their rates just keep going up. We were able to save $60 per month off our cable bill with our new switch....Blessing!

As I was switching over, I had to hook up a modem and wireless router to my new DSL jack. I had 2 different installation jacks and wasn't quite sure which order to go in, so I called ATT. This is the 2nd ATT rep I've spoken with during this transfer. Both of them were customer service ROCK STARS!...Blessing!

The rep from ATT was so patient and totally got me hooked up with glitches...Blessing! You know that could have gone really bad.

I'm going to bed right now in a nice comfortable bed, in a warm condo...Blessing! My wife and I were healthy enough to go to the gym tonight for a workout...Blessing!

I am loved and blessed by God! I am blessed, so I must be a blessing! That's how it works. We put him first... He blesses...we bless others...we build the Kingdom of God!

Do you want to be more blessed? Do you want to find out how to be a Planet Shaker? Then tune in to this weekend, or visit one of our 12 weekend worship services at 5 different Newbreak campuses to find out how!

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Patty@Heaven said...

You are a blessing to me and my family too.

Thanks for the card :)