Friday, January 13, 2012

It's been a long time

I cracked up laughing that my last post was...Stuck in a rut! more posts! LOL! I've missed you blog! Since my last post I've been busy at Newbreak church and Give Clean Water, while still trying to get out and capture some photos. 2012 is looking like an awesome year for all three!

I recently updated my photo website. You still get there at . I transferred over to SmugMug as it was way more user friendly to update, and had a better shopping and print service option. My prints come directly from Bay Photo now. I ordered a print the other day and it turned out AWESOME! I'm excited to keep the website way more up to date with my new photos.

Tomorrow, I'm taking a group out for a photo lesson. We'll meet at La Jolla Cove at 8am and learn how to get those cameras out of the "Auto" mode! It's time to start telling their camera what to do. It's not really that smart anyway. :) Check out my website and stay tuned for more photo tips, and updates on all the other stuff going on in my world.

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