Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Going through old photo shoots

I must have 10's of thousands of images I've taken over the years. Usually, I import them all, choose a few to work on, then don't do much with the others except keep them archived. Tonight, I decided to take a fresh look at just one previous photo shoot.

After looking, I discovered a few more little gems I decided to edit. They were all bracketed RAW shots, so I took them into Photomatix Pro and processed an HDR image. Once I adjusted it to my taste, I exported it into a jpg file. From there it was processed lightly in Photoshop Elements. Yes Elements! That's all I need for my photos. I sharpened, slightly cropped, took out a little noise, and BAM...another shot!

I guess I'd better do this more often. How many hidden gems are on my hard drives? Maybe it's time to re-look at some of your shots. Any hidden gems on your hard drive?

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