Monday, January 23, 2012

Elementary School Help & House Building in Mexico

After a early morning of study, I got to meet with the principal of Hage elementary school to discuss all the different ways our church is partnering with the school this year. Mr. T is one of the best principals I've ever met! Hage is such a great learning environment for the kids!

Newbreak Scripps Mesa is hosting a free movie night for the parents and kids next month, as well as a free digital photography class, and school clean up in March. I love to see our church loving on the Hage community!

After meeting with Mr. T, I headed over to our newest church campus in Ocean Beach. That will be our 6th church campus and it's where my new office is located. I spent much of the afternoon planning for our President's day weekend house build in Mexico. I'm leading a team that will build a house for an impoverished, homeless family in Mexico. In just 3 days, we'll build a complete house from scratch, complete with a stucco finish, changing a family's life forever! I LOVE these trips!

I love it that our church is BEING the church! We're taking God's love to the streets and around the world...super fun!

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