Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photo Tip #24...Patience

I just got back from a great Give Clean Water trip to Fiji. It's awesome seeing how these little bacteria removing water filters are changing lives!

After a long, wet week of installing filters, we always include a fun day for our groups. Last Saturday, we took the group to Plantation Island for a day trip. We had a nice 50 minute boat ride to the island and got a little taste of paradise. Even though we didn't get a perfect sunny day, there were still some moments in the morning when lighting was good for photography. The key to the day was patience!

Sometimes photography is ALL about patience! Since most of us are challenged by being patient, it could be easy to miss some good shots.

Saturday was all about being patient for the right lighting. It was also about waiting for people to get out of the shot! Sometimes I'll wait 15 minutes or more in one spot just so people will clear out. In most of my landscapes, I don't like people in them. That can be hard when you are photographing near any beach scene. If I do put people in the shot, sometimes I have to be patient with where they are...until they are in just the right place.

In this shot, there were some people in kayaks who kept circling right into my shot. Seriously, I thought they'd stay there all day, but it was really just a few minutes. When they finally paddled off, I snapped the photo. Most of the day was overcast and raining, so patience paid off on this one. A break in the weather became my friend.

So learn the fine art of patience in getting a shot. Don't be in a rush. Sit there and be OK with waiting. More times than not, patience will play in your favor.

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