Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learning in Fiji

It's been a great beginning to our Give Clean Water trip to Fiji. We are learning some great lessons about how to better educate the people on using their water filters. We've had some challenges and some great successes, but all in all, what we are learning will make us way better!

I'm so glad we are committed to doing follow ups in all the villages we install filters in. By doing so, we're reaffirming that this is a great strategy for success. There are so many organizations that are good on the front end, and poor with follow ups. Give Clean Water is committed to a thorough follow up program with water filter installs. All in all, the filters are preforming very well.

Today we visited a Muslim village we installed filters in last year. It was an amazing experience to see how well the filters are working for them! They were so welcoming to us! Relationships are being built and who knows what God will do through these filters!

Tomorrow morning we're headed to Tavua Village to install filters in 164 houses. These guys had a typhoid outbreak last year. After tomorrow, their waterborne sicknesses will be eliminated!

Stay tuned for more!

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