Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally...a new desktop...

Sorry for the lag in posting as my desktop has been having severe issues. It was time to upgrade after 5 years. If you are wondering what I wasn't a Mac. 

I went with Dell again as they have served me well. All my photography programs work exactly the same on a PC or Mac. I chose PC again because the same Mac would have cost me 3.5 times more money! That means, I can upgrade to the latest processor and technology 3 times before I could with a Mac.

Macs are great computers, but turbo expensive compared to PC's. I know the Mac/PC debate continues to rage on. Bottom line for me is way more bang for the buck on a PC! I do have an iPhone and iPad. :) And...Apple has THE BEST customer service in the world!

Which one is better? me that's like asking which is better in a camera...Canon or Nikon? They are both good. The difference in the PC world is...$$$.

The cool thing about my upgrade is the speed is smokin' fast! I did a head to head race with my old machine and new one on an HDR photo. The new one is 6 to 8X faster! hour of editing just turned into 10 minutes! Worth saving up for!

I'll get my blog on this coming week!

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