Saturday, May 7, 2011

Final day in Fiji

We are in the last 24 hours of our Give Clean Water trip to Fiji. We had a fantastic time and made lots of great connections. On the last day of our water filter installs, all our contacts came together in one place. The head man of Nasomo village, the Fiji Health Department, a local pastor, and our GCW team were all in one place at the same time! So cool!

We scheduled a follow meeting in this village for July 28th, when our GCW team returns the last week of July. This will be the first quarterly follow up in Nasomo village. All of our contacts will meet in Nasomo village to make sure the filters are working properly and make sure everyone in the village is using them every day. We'll also do some follow up training on maintaining the filter, and teach some basic hygiene methods.

These filters are changing lives for sure! Just tonight, we were all getting ready to eat dinner and a guy walked past me that I for sure had met before. Sure enough, we recognized each other and said hi. He lives in Varavu village where we installed water filters last July. He was gone the other day when we visited his village for a follow up. Just like all the others in his village, he expressed how great the water filters were working. He said they are making a BIG difference in his family's life! I love to see and hear that!

It's almost 9pm here in Fiji and I'll be going to sleep soon. It's been a great week! Tomorrow morning I'll attend a church service at the International Worship Center, then head back to the hotel to pack up. Our flight leaves at 10pm tomorrow night...Sunday here in Fiji. We'll cross the date line and arrive in Los Angeles at 1:30pm...Sunday. You know it's going to be a good week when you get to have Sunday twice!

I probably won't blog until I get home. I'll look forward to editing my newest photos and video from the trip. I'll crank out some more photo tips next week.

I'd like to thank the Fiji Water Foundation for their sponsorship of this trip! They are so great at giving back to their country! They will also be the sponsor of our July and October trips! Fiji Water is AWESOME! Be assured when you drink your next bottle, that you are supporting Give Clean Water, and all the other great projects of the Fiji Water Foundation!

So for now...Vinaka Vakalevu (a very warm thank you) for all your prayers for our team! I can't wait to see you all again this week!

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