Saturday, April 30, 2011

T-Minus 24 hours

I'm super stoked that tomorrow night at this time, I'll be in the LAX airport getting ready to go on a Give Clean Water trip to Fiji. We'll be following up with some villages we installed filters in last year, documenting their change in health and verifying proper filter use. That will be such a fun time as we always get good reports on how these simple water filters are changing lives!

Tuesday I'll be meeting with the Health Minister of Fiji. I can't wait to catch up with him and discover the new places we'll be working this year. The Health Ministry helps us locate the "hot spots" in Fiji that are in the most need of clean water.

Thursday and Friday, we'll be installing water filters in Tavua village. They were recently plagued with a Typhoid outbreak due to dirty water. Our water filters will be life changers for this village. Every one of the 164 houses in this village will get a filter! What a great way to spend a vacation week!

I'll do my best to blog while I'm there. Of course I'll be taking my camera so I'll do my best to post photos of the work days. I'll also put out some photo tips, so stay tuned for that. Of course all of this is "Internet Permitting". Sometimes internet can be spotty there, but it's usually decent.

Check the Give Clean Water website for future trip dates. You should come sometime. All trips are 100% tax detectable! Most importantly, you'll be changing the world!

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