Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo Tip #19...Using Exposure for color boost

Here's a trick for colorful sunset shots. Pretty much every camera has a setting called "Exposure Compensation". This is usually identified by a button or setting with +/- as the symbol. Selecting this button allows you to increase or decrease your camera's exposure. If you are not sure where your exposure compensation setting is located on your camera, check your owners manual.

Increasing your exposure is another way to get more light into your shot. This is helpful as light is fading during the sunset hours. I rarely use this setting, but it's there if you need it. Don't forget that increasing your exposure makes your shot more prone to digital noise.

-2 Exposure on a Panasonic Point and Shoot
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Decreasing your exposure is a great way to give colors a boost. This is really helpful taking sunset shots. If you have not mastered the manual mode of you camera and like to shoot in the P setting, decreasing your exposure might be a good option for you for bringing out rich color. You will have to experiment with this. Most cameras are set up to decrease exposure in 1/3 F-stop increments. Try decreasing -1 or -2 stops and watch the colors really come out!

If you have a point and shoot camera, you might have a "Sunset" setting in your scene controls. When you choose this setting, your camera is automatically decreasing your exposure for you, giving you a more colorful sunset.

Don't forget to change your exposure back to its default setting when you are done. Otherwise, you will be frustrated when your next photo session turns out dark. :)

Have fun with this little trick.

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