Monday, April 18, 2011

Photo Tip #18...Another RAW tip

In the last photo tip, we talked about the difference between shooting in RAW and JPEG. I told you how I usually shoot in RAW to have more control. Here is another benefit to shooting RAW.

Since RAW files are uncompressed, you are working with the original, full amount of data. When using a program like Adobe Lightroom, you can edit RAW files in a "Non-Destructive" fashion. Editing in Lightroom lets you try limitless combos of editing without changing the original RAW image. In order to use your images from Lightroom, you must export them in a JPEG, TIFF or some other format. Your original RAW image is still intact in Lightroom. At any time, you can simply hit the "Reset" button and return your shot to its original form.

This is a very powerful tool! Have fun experimenting without fear of losing your original image.

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