Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photo Tip #16...Zoom

I love zoom lenses. I have a Canon 17-40, a Canon 24-70, and my favorite…a Canon 70-200 2.8 IS. I’ve owned several zoom lenses in the past. One of my favorite walk around lens was the Tamron 18-200. Tamron now makes an 18-270 with vibration control. This is a great, versatile, light lens to carry around…especially on vacations. If you own a point and shoot camera, an optical zoom of 10X or more can be a great option.

While zoom lenses can be useful, they can also make us lazy. It’s easy to stand in just one spot and zoom in and out on a subject. The problem is, you miss all the different angles and compositions that are available if you move around instead of just zooming. So be careful not to anchor yourself in one spot. Move around for lots of variety in your shots. Try to photograph a place from every angle possible. Try moving so you have different objects in your foreground. Don’t just rely on your zoom!

Sometimes your feet can be the best way to zoom…not your lens! This is especially helpful when you are debating on which fixed prime lens to buy. “Should you buy the 50mm, or the 85mm lens?” You could probably buy either and take two steps forward or backward to compensate. There are other factors when choosing a lens for sure, but using your feet to zoom can sometimes be an easy option.

So, get out there and move around for that great shot!

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