Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Night In Mexico

This is the time of the year that I love to go to Mexico. It's Spring Break time and there are thousands of people in Mexico camping and building houses for the poor with Amor Ministries. For the past 20 years, I've made the spring break trek down to Tijuana to serve with Amor. Last night, my wife and I headed down to the East side of Tijuana to work at the Amor camp.

I know what many of you are thinking. "You are crazy for going to Mexico!" I hear this all the time. But I want to ensure you, Mexico is not the crazy, "free-for-all" violent place you might have in your head. The fact is, Amor has been taking people to Mexico safely for the past 31 years. During those years there has been tons of hyped up stories about safety in Tijuana, but the facts are...hundreds of thousands of people have traveled safely to Tijuana and other parts of Mexico with Amor! There have been a few hammers hit thumbs, and nails in shoes, but there have been NO violence issues on any Amor trip. Let the facts speak for themselves!

Tijuana is a big place. It's as big as San Diego county. There is crime in Tijuana for sure, but there is crime in San Diego too! There is crime in La Jolla! That doesn't mean I drive around in fear all over San Diego. Let's keep it real people!

Now to be totally honest, there are some "more dangerous" parts of Mexico. Parts of the Texas/Mexico border are problematic right now for travel. That doesn't mean ALL parts of Mexico are dangerous! Mexico is a big country. Let's just say that some city in the US has a violence flare up. Let's pick Miami, Florida as a random illustration. If Miami became unsafe to travel in, would you quit going to San Diego? That would be crazy!


So here's the deal. While tons of people are living in fear of going to Tijuana, there are thousands of people who know the real deal and are going to do God's great work there. For 31 years Amor Ministires has taken hundreds of thousands of volunteers to Mexico, and brought every single one of them back safely to the US!

This year I've taken 4 trips of my own. My wife is down there regularly as part of the Amor staff. The rest of the Amor staff is down there every day of the year...all without incident.

I personally can't wait to go again! Will you join me on a future house build with Amor? Or maybe a trip to the Purple Palace orphanage in Tijuana? Perfect love (Amor) drives out fear!


ryan said...

Preach On D!!! ...thank you.

Rhoda21 said...

That's awesome! I really want to take a trip down with Amore can i go about that??

Rhoda21 said...

it's really great that you and your wife are involved with amore ministries! I really want to take a trip down with Amore ministries, are there spots still available??

Darrel Larson said...

You can visit to sign up for one of their individual mission trip options. Newbreak will be doing a trip to Cancun with Amor in November of this year. You'll be able to sign up soon for that...around the first of May.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Bro Darrel! I spent 2 great weeks as a Barnabas in Tecate this year, and it was terrific. Wish I had seen you, too.