Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photo Tip #20...Get Close & Get Wide

Getting close and getting wide is a great way to create a dramatic landscape.

I'm always looking for good foreground objects to include in my landscape photos. Sometimes, there are things right in front of us we can overlook if we are looking far away at our main subject. 

Here's a shot from Catalina Island. I used the rail in my foreground to create something more interesting than just shooting across the water. Get close to it with your wide angle lens. I'm pretty much on top of it in this shot. Don't forget to think about the rule of thirds. Make sure your depth of field is of large enough, probably around f10...maybe higher to get everything in focus. Make sure your foreground object is in focus. Now take the photo. You will get a much better composed photo this way.

To me, it's all about the foreground object when shooting landscapes. It can be a piece of seaweed in the sand, a flowery bush, or some other unique object...always look for something.

Have fun practicing!

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