Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fish tacos and world changers

What do fish tacos and world changers have in common? I found them both in Tecate Mexico last night while I was volunteering with Amor Ministries.

Tecate Mexico is a beautiful, quaint little town about 30 miles East of Tijuana. For the past several weeks, thousands of adults and teenagers have been building houses for the poor there with Amor. I'm always blown away at people who would give up a week of their time to change the world like these guys! They are having the time of their lives too! There is something about getting out of our comfort zones and seeing God through the eyes of the poor that is life changing. Everyone should do this some time in their lives!

A lot of people have a totally inaccurate view of life in Tijuana and Tecate. Amor Ministries has been serving the poor in Mexico for 31 years with a perfect track record of safety! My new friends Kendell and Tim are living proof! They are from the San Fransisco Bay area. This is Kendell's second year to come with Amor. This year she brought Tim along. They are having a blast!

Of course, any time I'm in Tecate I have to stop for fish tacos. There is also an AWESOME bakery in Tecate, but that will have to wait till my lent fast is over. :)

So what do fish tacos and world changers have in common? They are both in Tecate Mexico and a part of an amazing Amor Ministries mission trip experience! You should plan on going some time!

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Wendy said...

Thanks for the kind insight Darrel. Its always nice to hear. I adore the fish tacos in Tecate, too!