Friday, April 15, 2011

30,000 Easter Eggs!

Tonight was a super fun night as all 5 Newbreak campuses got together and stuffed over 30,000 Easter Eggs. These eggs will go out into our communities, giving them a little touch of God's love, while inviting over 10,000 people to Easter services.

Our campus (Scripps Mesa) had a blast at Hage Elementary school. 76 people showed up to stuff 8600 eggs. 4200 will go out to the community around our campus tomorrow morning, 2400 will go to the students at Hage elementary school, and 2,000 will go to the San Diego Harley Davidson Easter Outreach on April 23rd.


I heard the other campuses knocked it out of the park tonight with volunteers! I love the way our church loves its city! The Scripps Mesa campus is partnering with Mira Mesa Heroes to do 4 community beautification projects in the next month...Fire station 44, Wangenheim middle school, Mason elementary, and Sandburg elementary. We're sponsors with Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa Little leagues, and of course...we have lots of great outreaches at Hage Elementary school.

I love it that our church loves BEING the church to our community! You should check us out some time!

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