Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo Tip #2 - Straighten Your Horizons

Ok...remember that software we talked about on Tuesday? Well it's time to put it to use on one of the most common fixes for a photo.

Many of you like to take landscape shots, especially if you live in a beautiful place like San Diego! If you want to take that landscape photo to another level, consider straightening your horizons. This can be done in any of the software choices from last Tuesday, Picasa, Photoshop Elements, PS CS5, or Lightroom. Below is an example of a crooked horizon.
As you can see, the horizon slopes down to the right. To fix this problem, use the "straighten" button in your software. Each brand of software works differently. Picasa makes it easy as you just move a slider to the left or right until your horizon is straight when compared to the grid.

The result will give you a result like the second shot...a much better look. :)

And it's that easy! I do this for all my landscape photos!

Now there are many more tricks to take your photos to even greater heights, but you'll have to keep checking in for more tips.

Have fun playing with this new tool! Keep those photo questions coming!

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