Friday, March 18, 2011

Newbreak Generates Hope

I love it when I discover the gifts and passions of the great people of Newbreak Church. About a month ago, Dolores approached me after a service and wanted to share about a ministry she was involved with, right here in San Diego. It is called "Generate Hope" and is a ministry that provides safe housing and long term recovery for victims of sex trafficking and exploitation. (

I had no idea this was such a huge problem in San Diego, but the sad truth is, it is.

This past week, I toured one of the safe houses where these women live. The girls were all at school, so I got a tour of one of the beautiful homes provided by Generate Hope. I found out the girls that live there range from 18 years old to 32...6 girls in a home. During the day, they go to a specialized school that not only helps them with their education, but also teaches valuable life skills, as well as providing counseling. Their lives are being transformed every day!

I learned that Dolores has been volunteering her time for about 2 years, providing much needed mentoring for the girls. I was blown away at her dedication to such a great cause! That day, Dolores and a friend were picking up the girls to take them out to lunch...a simple act of love the girls treasure!

I love it that Newbreak is a church where these types of things go on all the time! There is nothing more inspiring and exciting than to be a part of something that is bigger than us, making a real difference, being God's hands and feet to changes lives! Dolores and Generate Hope are a great example of what it's like to BE the church!

How will God use you?

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