Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new GPS map for Fiji!

I've entered the exciting count down to the next Give Clean Water trip to Fiji. A team from the USA will leave on April 30th to work with the great people of Fiji Water. I'll catch up with them as I'm leaving a day later. The village of Tavua is about to have their lives changed forever...clean drinking water at last!

This past week, I was looking at Google Earth and all the houses that have clean drinking water filters in Fiji. It's kind of freaky to see them all on a map! Over 10,000 people! My heart is starting to race with excitement to do it all over again in 30 days.

One cool new addition for this trip is we'll have a brand new Garmin GPS map of Fiji to load in our handheld GPS units. This map was custom built from a company here in the states. We supplied some track information to them the and they are giving us the map for FREE! We'll be the first to use it. Until this map, we had to basically make our own map by using the tracks feature in the GPS units. This is kind of like making a bread crumb trail that helps you find where you are going. Navigating with the new map will be AWESOME! Real streets in Fiji on a GPS map! I'm diggin' the technology we use for this great work!

Who will join us in July?

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