Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life Transformation at the Rescue Mission

The first time I went to a Sunday night service at the San Diego Rescue mission, I went to visit my friends. My friends were real people, with real stories of how life had got the best of them. All of them were homeless at one time, came to my church campus, and were unconditionally loved by the people there. Most of them would tell you they don't like being around people much, yet the reality is...they really enjoy it when they are. They are some of the most talkative, interesting people I've ever met.

Before the service started, I was introduced to all the new friends that my friends had made while in the Mission. They were so happy to have guests! They shared stories, we worshiped together, and then shared more stories. I could tell God used these visits to give encouragement and strength to those whose lives were being transformed in the Mission. That night, mine was one of them. Sure, I was one of God's resources of hope and encouragement to my friends, but they were the same for me. That's how God always does it!

The journey of transforming lives is always worth it!

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