Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Give Clean Water - Tavua Village in Fiji eagerly anticipates clean drinking water in May 2011

One of the greatest thrills of my life is to look at each household in Fiji that has received clean drinking water filters from Give Clean Water. I can't believe I can actually look at Google Earth and locate each of the houses and schools on a map! There are over 2,000 households in Fiji alone that have received filters, not to mention all those in Haiti, Ecuador, Tijuana, and Nicaragua.

Each dot on this map represents a home in Tavua Village with documented biographical data of all the family members. This data includes names, ages, schools, occupations, and health status of each person.

The first week of May 2011, the people of Tavua Village will all receive clean drinking water filters. Recently their entire village was inflicted with a Typhoid outbreak due to dirty water. The Fiji Health Department identified Tavua as one of the most "at risk" villages for a repeat of a Typhoid outbreak. This Google Earth snapshot shows the 164 houses of Tavua Village, representing nearly 1,000 people who will all have clean drinking water in May! A team from the USA will partner with Fiji Water and its employees on this grand adventure! 

It's exciting to see these houses on a map, but nothing like the thrill of meeting each family in person! You see...these dots on the maps are much more than a cool photo...they represent real people whose lives are about to be radically changed!

What if you could change the world?

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