Friday, March 25, 2011

Call A Time Out!

When a basketball team starts making bad passes, throwing the ball out of bounds, and making dumb a time out. When you are the visiting team, and the home team crowd is so loud and in your face you start to lose your a time out. When a football team has the ball on the 2 yard line with 3 seconds left in the game, and it's 4th down, AND you've got to score to a time out. When the pitcher has gone wild and starts walking people and giving up hit after a time out.

The coach is the coach for a reason. They've been there before. They know how to bring sense to the midst of the chaos. A good coach always knows the right play to call for every situation. God is the perfect coach for every situation.

The game of life can get crazy sometimes. Your kids are driving you nuts...your co-worker is getting in your face...your roommate is driving you crazy...the chaos in your family is so loud, you start to lose your composure. Sometimes you need to call a time out and talk it over with your coach.

God is there in the midst of the chaos. He never left. We just got so distracted in the game of life that we forgot to listen to His voice. When life gets like that, call a time out...listen to God's voice...and get back into the game with God calling the plays. He's much better at it than we are, and His team never loses.

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